So Much To Do...And All the Room You Need To Do It!

About us

Do you feel the urge to put down the electronic devise, get outside, move a little or a lot, and breathe some fresh mountain air? Does you staff, class, or family need a group outing that will re-build the team spirit and blow out the pipes of relationships? Are your eyeballs square from looking at too much tv?

We understand! And we have the answer. Come to The Camp of the Tall Pines and regenerate, rejuvenate, re-energize, and relax. Take part in a wide range of actities or sit under a tree and read all those books you just haven't had time for. Move, groove, and bloom as you experience the beauty of nature with family and friends.


  • High Ropes and Low Ropes
  • Mountain Biking
  • Disc Golf
  • Come stay with us in Unit 34 and enjoy the all that the beautiful Sacramento Mountains have to offer.
  • Enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking, photography, atv riding, and more.

There's nothing like it! Camp Tall Pines is our go-to retreat when we need a break from life in the fast lane.

R Roberts- Company CEO

Re-energize your students, staff, or employees

Is morale lacking in your organization? Need some team-building tips? Step out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone.

The Ropes Course Program at Camp of the Tall Pines is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to improve their problem solving, decision making, goal setting and communication skills in an atmosphere that is challenging, supportive and fun.

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Take in all that nature has to offer while you rest and rejuvenite in the some of the most beautiful scenery the Sacramento Mountains has to offer.

Combine fresh pine air and low impact physical activity

Combine fresh pine air and low impact physical activity with the challenge of a rapidly growing sport and you have Disc Golf at Camp of the Tall Pines. Our 18 hole Disc Golf Course is one of over 3000 established disc golf courses in the world. Disc Golf is physically accessible for all ages and athletic ranges and therefore attracts a diverse range of players. The game's popularity is well established and still growing in the United States and more than 20 other countries around the world.